We’re In This Together

About Us

The Black-led Social Change Project is a multi-disciplinary planning effort facilitated by a team of Black practitioners and activators from across Harris County that is funded by Houston Endowment.

The purpose of this project is to create an action plan by and for Black-led organizations with a focus on strengthening how Black-led organizations are supported in Black-led social change through areas such as collaboration and engagement, the implementation of non-profit management practices, and increasing financial sustainability.

From May-August of 2022, we engaged a broad range of Black-led organizations working in Harris County, which included workgroups, surveys, and interviews, conducted by a team of local BIPOC consultants and facilitators.

This will be an iterative, participatory process. We will listen, document, and listen again in hopes of making recommendations about what is needed to strengthen the Black social change infrastructure in Harris County.


Cindy Alvarado

Funder Workgroup
Independent Consultant

Brandi T. Brown

Leader-in-Residence Collaborations & Community Engagement

HYPE Freedom School Inc. / Black Impact Houston

Kelli King-Jackson

Dr. Angeliqueca Avery

Consultant Liaison

HYPE Freedom School, Inc.

Bridget Samuel 

Consultant Team
Nonprofit Needs and Trends Workgroup

VESTEDin Consulting Group

Erin McClarty 

Consultant Team
Vision Workgroup

Erin McClarty, LLC

Marvin Pierre

Leader-in-Residence Financial Sustainability Workgroup

8 Million Stories


Who all is facilitating?

While we have a team of consultants, activists, and facilitators holding the space for the project, keep in mind this project is about community learning. Expect opportunities for each of us to guide one another.

What will come of all of this?

The outcome of this process will be:

  • Data on the organizational health of Black-led nonprofit or impact-focused organizations in Harris County, TX,
  • Recommendations on how to strengthen Black-led nonprofits or impact-focused organizations across three key areas – collaboration and engagement, non-profit management practices, and financial sustainability,
  • A living data set that is available for the community to use in its storytelling, work, or continued appeals for support,
  • An opportunity to meet folks across an ecosystem of Black-led initiatives and programming for network building, programmatic support, relationship development, and a chance to be in spaces where you and your unique challenges are seen, heard, and acknowledged.

Next steps will be the development of a proposal to build out infrastructure that is responsive to the needs identified throughout the process.

How are people chosen to get involved?
Those involved with the project will be chosen with the help of people like you! We’re making a call across the city for Black-led organizations to join us.
What is a Planning Grant?
A planning grant provides funding to support the learning needed to create a successful plan or project. Learning activities are typically facilitated by consultants and other experts in the problem the plan/project is seeking to address.