Bridget Samuel

Bridget Samuel

Consultant Team Nonprofit Needs and Trends WorkGroup

VESTEDin Consulting Group

Bridget Y. Samuel, the founder of VESTEDin™ Consulting Group, LLC, draws inspiration from 20 years of lived experience in social work, nonprofit, and philanthropy. Her unwavering passion for power-building with individuals, teams, and organizations to meet aspirational goals resulted in an appearance on the NBC Nightly News and a quote in the New York Times.

The Houston-native and University of Texas alumna has served in leadership capacities on local, state, and national boards and provided direct day-to-day oversight to administrative, operational, and programmatic staff. Her work with marginalized communities and diverse teams and lived experience as a woman of color has facilitated the centering of JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) constructs into her work and daily life.

Clients have reported her to be highly adept at creating a safe space for candid conversations, asking difficult questions, and challenging the status quo. Results of her work include clarity, direction, and priorities for improved IMPACT (Value), Growth Opportunities, and Innovation Readiness.

Bridget is a certified organizational development, change management, and human-centered design practitioner and holds certificates for lean six sigma and True Colors© personality assessments. Bridget enjoys yoga, dancing, painting, long meditative walks, and playing with her rescue dog, “Twinkie.” She resides in the native land of the Karankawa tribe.