Landscape Study

Throughout the Black-led Social Change Project, we’ve created a number of opportunities for the community to contribute and drive the work being done. Our goal is to find out what Black-led organizations throughout Harris County need to do their work most effectively, and what funders can do to offer support, instead of causing harm.

We developed and conducted a survey to identify and understand the ecosystem of Black-led organizations in Harris and surrounding counties. Additionally, we surveyed local, regional, state, and national funders who a) fund in the Greater Houston area and b) fund Black-led organizations.

Beyond the survey, we created focus groups, discussions, events and other gatherings with opportunities to collectively talk about Black-led organizations in the Houston area, where they work, their goals and needs, and the different types of resources would best support them.

We have synthesized the findings of this landscape study to produce reports, summaries, and other resources. These are designed to share insight into the work, challenges, and structural concerns that Houston area Black-led organizations face, to shed light on current philanthropic practices and funding processes, as well as provide recommendations to better support Black-led organizations

We also surveyed and talked to foundations to gather insights about what they fund.